Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No Pics in the Auchan Room

The Auchan is freaking bomb. Think of Auchan as a classy French Super Wal-mart. This palace has everything from a fromagerie to a boulangerie, from boxed wine to boxers...70% off...tis the season of sales. I took some photos, but then found out that it is illegal to take pictures in the Auchan for fear of competitor companies spying on their products and everyday low prices.

Because I am low on funds (thank goodness for payday tomorrow) I purchased nutella and deux en un shampoo for under 5€.

So, because my wallet has been cleansed throughly in France, I decided to cleanse my mind and body with Kusmi Tea...a detox tea courtesy of Nick. You know me and my "plumbing" I was a bit hesitant to drink this elixir that guarantees a healthy bowel movement or two within twelve hours. I am feeling a slight rumble after only an hour...I will keep you posted, perhaps straight from the source if I get a decent Internet connection in my bathroom.

Happy colons,

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  1. And a happy colon to you too, Miss Hillstead!