Tuesday, June 28, 2011

La Belvedere

This certainly tops the list as the greatest French meal...the chaperone crew (Patricia, Nick, Michael, and I) had reservations for four in the afternoon in Juillac, a small town in the Bordeaux region, a few hours from Toulouse. We arrived in our swag citroen, dressed for a cloth-napkin dinner that would last four and a half hours...C'etait increiable.

La Belvedere sits high in the hills overlooking the vineyards of Bordeaux, a restaurant Michael had been to 12 years ago with his professor and wanted to return to this quaint establishment owned by a husband and wife in their near seventies.

The menu for the afternoon...

Aperitif-a black currant liquer served with tiny salmon and herb bread slices to get the party started.
Entree-smoked Salmon on a lettuce bed with marinaded vegetables
Fish course-an entire boiled lobster served with a rich creamy champagne sauce
Entree and fish pairing-Chardonnay from Cheblie
Palate cleanse-pear sorbet served with a pear liquer
Main course-steak with black truffle sauce and roasted vegetables
Main course wine pairing-St Emilion (Boardeaux)
Cheese dish-a regional nutty cheese and a triple creme cheese
Dessert-profiteroles drenched in rich chocolate sauce and an espresso.

Best French meal...ever.

Feeling stuffed and loved,

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