Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day Twolouse

Bonjour mes amis! Just finished a quite eventful day...flew in from San Francisco on an Air France Double decker airbus that seats nearly 500 travelers. I had to use the bathroom upstairs just to go up to the second felt like I was entering a VIP lounge. The flight went could a flight be dull when you can watch Modern Family, Sex and the City,CSI, NCIS, the Glee pilot, AND play Tetris? Add to this champagne, white wine, and a pear liquer with Monsieur Wrenn and you've got yourself legit flying time.

Rushing to get to our connecting flight to Toulouse, I joked around with a Passport control officer (looking back, perhaps not the best idea I had) and we started speaking in English, French, and Spanish...every time I wanted to say something French, a si or an esta bien would pop out...uff da!

Got to see Nick off the plane in Toulouse which was a special treat, as he has been in Paris this past year. waited and waited for bags to arrive...some of which didn't. stepped outside after not having slept, bathed, or brushed my teeth in nearly 24 hours. And I thought traveling was to be glamourous! It felt great to breathe fresh air and take a nap on the charter bus.

Dropped the students off with their host families...which was incredible to see the exchange of kisses, hugs, and gifts and hear the French and the English languages flowing like sparkling pink it.

Arriving at our hotel around 9:30, the adults decide to hit downtown...Nick and I take an adventure down the side streets of Toulouse, eating schwarma and drinking limon fanta. I have been craving this combination since my time in Salamanca, circa 2004.

Feeling like I need to pass out (been up since Wednesday morning, 41 hours sounds much more impressive if you include the 9 hour time change.)

A tout a l'heure,


  1. Looking forward to reading about more adventures! Give Nick a punch in the head for me.

  2. Oops, realized I should add this is Woodward.

  3. Woodward! Thanks for posting...hope you are well :)

  4. Email Stacy to help you post pics... she uses blogger. Glad you landed safely and hope you're having a blast! - Love, Kyle

  5. Bonjour, mon granddaughter! On your taking a grand journey that many wish they are taking but unfortunately only a few make the trip you are making. Have read about your airbus and I sure would like to see it. It is very large and cavernous. Be sure to take in all that you see as it is a wondeful adventure for you to be having. Will keep in touch and will write several times. Until the next letter, enjoy and admire one of the great cities of the world. When you get back, we'll have a Cold Stone sundae on a Monday:) Love, Grandpa Vic

  6. Grandpa Vic! You are so tech savvy...thank you for your post!