Sunday, June 26, 2011

La Bonne Vivre

Had the most incredible meal in Toulouse on Friday evening...joined by Patricia, Michael, and Nick in la place de Wilson. Eight o'clock reservations for an evening al fresco. A refreshing champagne aperitif to begin the dinner, followed literally by fresh French bread served a la basket. I was asked if I would like vodka as a starter, and then began to reminisce about Suzette and Mabel's Redbridge party which ended up with me getting picked up by my mom at 10 at night. Good times that party was, oh la la, from drinking to dancing, to activity behind closed doors.

For our entree, a plateful of prosciutto and melon, followed by chorizo, and flavorful salami. I couldn't get enough sausage (that's what she said). The chilled sparkling rose wine came next, such a happy beverage...I absolutely enjoyed this on a warm Southern France evening.

The plat, or main course came a bit later...half a duck breast with French fries and plenty of duck grease to sop up with French bread. The duck breast tasted li,e a juicy tender steak. This plat was paired with a red wine from the Toulousain region.

For dessert, smooth and creamy chocolate Cale with a crunchy layer of vanilla goodness. The chocolate cake was floating in a vanilla cream.

The company was incredible...up to this point, my favorite French meal. We laughed, joked, and Mr. Wren only sshhed me once for being a bit too loud at the dinner table...I was having such anlovely time. Our meal ended after 4 hours. Within this four hour dinner, we saw a man taken away in a coroner's van (he had collapsed earlier in the square), ran in to Michelle and Jerry who we spoke with for an hour as they dined as well, observed a Brazilian musician group proudly march through the square, and locals holding hands, smoking, and laughing.

A bientot,

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