Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Feeling Chaud Chaud Chaud

The chaperone crew (c squared) had dinner last night at lion d'or restaurant across from our hotel. We had a table in the back corner...windows were open and although the South of France is gorgeous, there was no breeze coming through, no air conditioner, and a lot of flies wanting to get in our dinner action.

Dinner was lovely, full of talking, eating, and drinking.

Speaking of drinking, there was a couple next to us (hairy chested man with his shirt unbuttoned to his navel, not that I'm complaining) that had their escargot, and then just left, leaving behind a half full bottle of a fine red wine. When they had not returned in over 20 minutes, we thought it would be a faux pas to leave a wounded soldier on the table. Nick grabbed the bottle of wine (it was the same label) and placed it in our wine cooler. He took our empty bottle and placed it in their wine cooler. We laughed, taking pictures of his accomplishment.

Before we had the opportunity to indulge in our lucrative find, Michael has this look on his
face and tells us, "they're coming back, they're coming back"...not taking him too seriously,
we laugh it off, until we turn around and see them. I literally could not stop laughing, Nick and I not being able to face the couple. Luckily, we were on the dessert course. Nick switched the bottles back. Meanwhile, tears are rolling down my face...unfortunately the couple did not
find this amusing. Boo.

As we left, in my broken accent, I give a "je suis desolee" and kind of do this awkward bow towards them. Nick stayed and spoke to the couple in much more eloquent French and apologized.

Et voila, the most amusing dinner thus far.

Love, hillstead

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