Tuesday, July 31, 2012

White Guy with a Nice Back

I am not terribly into Caucasian males...but if they are Italian, I get a bit tingly. I met this guy in Florence. It took me a while to see him, but after I paid 24 euro I was finally able to be with him. He was tall, white and naked. And he looked good for his age of over 500 years. I saw David...The David at the Accademia. Anyone think I was soliciting a Mediterranean gigolo? 
It is not allowed to photograph what is in my opinion, the most amazing piece of art I have ever seen. But I needed to have him with me for eternity. So as our local guide turned her back to me to talk into her Whisper about a lesser known Michelangelo sculpture, I unzipped my EF tour satchel, took the camera out of its case and snapped a picture. I was so nervous that the image looked like a hot mess of blurriness. I tried again (I think only Woodward saw my rebel action), breathed and shot. He is far away, but I can work with this. If you would like to see an even bolder shot of David, I suggest you visit Suzette Mendonca’s Facebook page-she got a fabulous angle of him on her iPhone. Well played Mendonca. 
Our mixed group of English-speaking tourists kept the local guide company while Lindsey, Suzette and I stared up and admired David from every nook and cranny possible. I was not even watching where I was going as I circled his body. I spent a lot of time on his back side, staring at his...personality.  I literally could not keep my eyes off him. Michelangelo sculpted him so life-like, it was as if at any moment he would come alive and sweep me off my feet. David the human was over 18, yes? I don’t want to become another female teacher on the news. 
I purchased a magnet of David at the overpriced gift shop so when I return home, I can have a moment with him as I open my refrigerator for a healthy lunch to make. I will then realize I only have condiments and wine available, close the fridge saying ciao to David and drive to McDonald’s for a #2 Value Meal with a sweet tea. 
The joys of single living, 


  1. you should have purchased a life size replica

  2. I just read this and laughed so hard! I thought the same thing when I saw David. Why doesn't any one show the backside he has the perfect a.. and the sculptures around him that are still in the rock... after looking at all the beautiful muscle I knew I wanted Polynesian :)