Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It Was All Greek to Me...10 Helpful Hints from the Aegean Sea

1. Greek plumbing cannot handle paper of any kind-we are not talking about tampons
and maxi pads ladies. No paper thicker than a postage stamp can be flushed. This means your number one and number two wipes go into the garbage can next to the toilet. You hope that wherever you are staying has an efficient janitorial staff.    

2. No matter what the hot Romanian bartender Danny says about Greek lagers, Mythos beer is freaking bomb. (But try his mojitos, they taste like they are made straight out of Cuba) 
3. The following Greek phrases will help you get your point across most of the time in Greece*.
    -Yasas: hello
    -Yasas: good-bye
    -Parakalo: please
    -Parakalo: you’re welcome
    -Efcharisto: thank you
    -Malaka: asshole (thank you Eva from Gourmeat last night for teaching that 
*If you are not able to get your point across in Greek, most Greeks speak English. 
Sidebar: Why can’t the American public education system teach multiple languages to students at a younger age than high school? There are 9 year olds who can speak more languages than me.  
4. A gyro is not always meat and french fries wrapped in pita bread goodness. A lot of times in restaurants it is all laid out on your plate waiting to be you.  
5. When island hopping, take the ferries to and fro. Sweet leg room, comfy seats, more than one bathroom stall and a snack bar. Just be prepared to pick up your boat ride tickets someplace other than the port you depart.    
6. For transportation, bus times are more of a courtesy/suggestion rather than a schedule to be followed. Also, you cannot call for a taxi after midnight in Mykonos, which is really when the streets get pumpin’. 
7. Greek salads do not have lettuce...and the feta is simply beta.

8. For great food and drinks, try these locales: 

-Katerina’s Bar and Restaurant-killer grilled feta and freshly baked pita bread, baklava and salmon risotto (Mykonos Town, Mykonos)

 -Petros Tavern-Fresh, fresh seafood and dining al fresco (Oia, Santorini)  

-Palia Taverna Tou Psara-oldest tavern in Athens with quirky and funny servers (they will even take a picture with you (outskirt of Plaka, Athens)

-Bretto’s-super chill bar, literally a colorful atmosphere with rainbow-light up bottles and an old school distillery. Try the ice-cold ouzo (it tastes better after a couple of shots with some cool South Korean travelers (Shout out to Lee and Seo) (Plaka, Athens)  

10. Ladies, scrunchies are back in...actually I don’t think they ever left Europe.  

Alpha Iota and Kappa Delta, 


  1. Other helpful greek words..
    Yamas: Cheers
    Ponokefalo: Hangover
    Parakalo Ochi Perissotero: Please no more

    It may or may not be scientifically proven to be able to live solely off of Greek salads (mmm i miss Greek Olives like a fat kid misses his feet). I would be happy to live in that world.

    Also, best not to drive there....something about a 2 lane road next to a cliff and driving four cars wide while going 80 kph isn't safe....or fun.

    Enjoy the country side! Totally jealous of your right now.

  2. When did you go to Greece? I love it here!