Sunday, July 22, 2012

History by Justin Nunn...

About Flamenco
Pedro and Maria went out to a royal ball in Madrid and Maria asked Pedro to dance. He said no because he had a headache and needed to rest. Maria was very persistent and wanted to dance, so an argument ensued. Maria and Pedro were yelling and fighting and eventually Maria said, “I’m so mad at you that I don’t even know what to say to you anymore. I’m just gonna dance. And she does her dance and gets tired and sits down. Pedro says to Maria, “I’m so mad at you, I have nothing to say to you; I’m just gonna dance”. So he storms off and does his dance. And everyone sees this spectacle and they love it. And it becomes the national dance of Spain.   

About the Origin of the Middle Finger (the dirty version) 
During the Middle Ages, there was no toilet paper, books, or leaves to wipe one’s butt, so people used their hands. The middle finger is the longest, so it was able to scoop the most poop effectively. If there was a bad king, anytime villagers saw him they would show him the middle finger to let him know that he stank. 

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