Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fun Facts with Bill not Ted

1. Queen Isabella was not feeling it with King Ferdinand (perhaps because it was rumored that he fancied boys) and decided to cougar pounce on Christopher Columbus. So they pretty much got it on for a bit until she got tired of her booty call. So to avoid the awkward “break up” conversation, she sends Chris on an amazing opportunity for a voyage to “India” and tells him long distance relationships never work out. 

2. The only time famed architect Antonio Gaudi left the sight of La Sagrada Familia the last 15 years of his life was to pray. In 1926 on his way to church, Gaudi was run over by the tram he designed. No one bothered to take him to a hospital until hours later, as he simply looked like a homeless man in the streets of Barcelona. He died three days later in the “poor people’s hospital” even though he was the most respected and ingenious architect of his time. In fact, if you don’t know who built something in Barcelona, just say, Gaudi created that” and you will probably be right.   
-“Gaudi is badass” -Suzette Mendonca 

3. The Barcelona Olympic pool is open to the public for five euro a day. But Bill said that we could see him later to see how to jump the fence to swim for free. (I should have taken him up on this offer and said I forgot my swimsuit so we could swim the European way. And maybe he would take off his clothes too.  

4. A high ranking soldier had bloodied his hand in battle and needed a clean space to wipe them off. What better way to wipe off your four fingers than on your gold shield. It became a thing and more soldiers started to do this, perhaps because it looked straight up hard core. When Catalonia had won its independence from another kingdom (I guess I should know the name) they decided their flag would be gold with four red stripes, inspired by the fashionable line of bloody shields in battle. The flag’s style remains today.  

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