Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I've (not) Got the Power

My view from the Cilantro cafe

What an ideal opportunity to write to you this evening. I am sitting in the back of Cilantro, enjoying my luke warm 7up because I am hesitant to eat the ice (more on BMs later). As if I am not white enough, my laptop is literally making me glow in this darkness compared to the beautiful olive skin that Mediterranean men and women are blessed with. 

Cairo has been experiencing multiple power outages over the past months and they seem to be increasing as the summer progresses. Each power outage lasts about an hour and then moves on to the next block of victims. This cycle is repeated at least five times a day. Luckily, for those who have had the pleasure of knowing what my refridgerator looks like, I do not need to worry about any food spoiling.  

There are several theories as to why the outages occur, but I am paranoid that Big Brother is paying attention and therefore I will not share said theories. So, instead of asking questions, I sweat as I sleep at night, hoping the air conditioner will click on to 20 degrees Celsius. And what's worse...when there is no wifi to stream the last four episodes of Orange is the New Black. I try to fill my time as much as possible outside my apartment...guess who went to the mall today? #scentedcandles   

Flat 20 by light

I have an opportunity to embrace the challenges of living in a developing country. I must adjust to this inconvenience as I have literally no control over the situation. It is during these times I learn my patience level and the effectiveness of Secret Ultra Dry. The other night my phone battery died when I was FaceTiming with Alex. Perhaps the desert heat finally got to me, but I was staring at my stupid iPhone for ten minutes, wondering why so many people worship this device when it can't even hold a charge when it is plugged in.

...I just heard the beautiful and rhythmic call to prayer and it reminded me that people survived without this luxury for thousands of years. But I still swear at the electricity gods when I am not able to see "Who Wore It Best" in the semi-latest US Weekly magazine AND I can't find the toilet paper roll.

Flat 20 by dark 
ma'a salama,

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