Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Happy HumpDay

A camel I shall name...Roy
Giza, Egypt    

Some Camel "Facts"...

1. The best advice given to me was a hip hop song circa 2005 by the Terror Squad featuring Fat Joe:  "Lean Back" when a camel stands and sits.

2. The nickname given to a woman wearing very tight pants is accurate.

3. Camels are wider than horses, so try not to straddle one.

4. Even though it is touristy, it is totally worth it to ride a camel in the desert.

5. It is hot as balls in Egypt. (thanks C-money)

Ma'a salama,


  1. I am totally jealous right now! I have never ridden a camel, but it sounds fun! I am putting that on my bucket list.