Saturday, July 2, 2011

Toulouse Top Ten

Bonjour mes amis et ma famille! Left Toulouse this morning at 7am and headed off to pick up the students...Now in Carcassone, a well restored Medieval walled city and popular board game. My top ten list for Toulouse (in no particular order) to wrap up my ten day stay in the South of France...

10. Walking the streets of Toulouse reminds me of Salamanca, Spain.
9. The Place Capitole lit up at night with bustling cafes.
8. The boulangeries on nearly every street corner filled with freshly baked baguettes, tarts, and chocolate croissants.
7. There is an aisle at Auchan entirely devoted to ham.
6. The tango dancing in Place St. Georges at midnight.
5. Cafe au lait in the morning, espresso and hot water at night.
4. Rose wine
3. Skyping with my mom, Christine, and my grandpa
2. Incredibly rich dinners with my fabulously entertaining colleagues and adult chaperones
1. The beauty of Southern France.

Cheers and sword fights,

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