Friday, July 8, 2011

Fireworks on the 4th of July

Although the French have no reason to celebrate America's independence, our students in France certainly wanted to...

Nick and I just finished bed checks at midnight, which is an adventure itself. From entering freshmen girls' rooms that look like they have exploded (after only seven hours of occupancy) to students answering their doors in every outfit imaginable, we never knew what we would get (I felt like Forrest Gump just now, and now curiously craving a box of chocolates). After every student was safely in their rooms, watching everything from cartoons to French porn (according to a roomful of boys) Nick and I hear this crazy firework being ignited and thrown out a window, crashing in the courtyard of the quaint hotel. We immediately run to the assumed culprit, who had showed off his impressive firework collection only a few minutes ago. He too, was running to tell us that he did not light off the fireworks. He even showed us his sealed packages...One of the parents found the evidence the next morning, yet no one is willing to admit who showed their love for America last night. I better get out my private investigating notebook and start asking questions...

Happy independence for some, but not for all,

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  1. You know that french porn is actually really funning to watch!