Friday, September 26, 2014

Cairo Commute

Morning Carpool
Ring Road, Cairo 

It has been 47 days since I have driven my Toyota Camry. And while I am not complaining about mass transportation, (although I don't feel like this is reducing Cairo's carbon footprint) I certainly miss my morning routine-the freedom of waiting in line for my double tall pumpkin spice latte and seeing my former students totally killing it as baristas.  Not only can they perfectly craft an espresso beverage, but they also spell my name correctly and put a happy face next to it.  

Here are some photos taken by my ex-pat colleagues and myself on Cairo's main highway on our way to and from school.  


Unfortunately the following Ring Road photos could not be captured quickly enough to include in this post. 
*Egyptian woman
wearing a niqab, veil & galabiyah

  • A family of three riding a crotch rocket with no helmets. The father driving, the small child in the middle and the mother wearing a niqab* and galabiyah hovered over her daughter.     
  • An elderly man taking a nap on top of a truck load of mattresses while the truck is cruising on the highway. 
  • A truck tipped over in the middle of the highway that was literally carrying a ton of bricks.  
  • Men selling ziploc bags of juice on the shoulder of the highway 

Fun Fact: Cairo holds the world record for the most number of traffic related accidents and deaths. Wishing Cairo cars made seat belts for their back seats...

ma'a salama

Should school really start this early? 

The burning trash gives the sunrise extra brilliance, and the kid next to me an asthma attack. 

Do you see the different lanes? Neither do I. 

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  1. I miss seeing your face at Starbucks! Love your blog, keep them coming!